About Tibetan Terriers

Tibetan Terriers—also called TTs—are an enchanting breed with a mystical homeland and history. The Tibetan Terriers who have emerged from this special environment are healthy, bouncy and fun-loving, although they often appear more dignified in public than at home.

TTs are not true terriers; they have a more relaxed disposition and are quieter than most terriers. Curious, sensitive and very intelligent, they make good obedience dogs, but must be handled gently because they learn quickly and are easily bored with the repetition that is sometimes involved with obedience training. TTs are very loving and devoted to their masters and families, and try very hard to please. They also make excellent watchdogs, because they possess exceptional intelligence and keen senses of hearing and smell.

As members of the family, Tibetan Terriers have few equals. TTs are constantly
cheerful, wonderful with children,  warm and affectionate, and genuinely interested in your daily goings-on. They will involve themselves in your life and soon become cherished members of your family.

Small enough to live comfortably and healthily in a city apartment, yet sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of a rural existence, a Tibetan Terrier’s size, as well as its temperament, makes it eminently well suited for its role as a modern-day companion dog.