Breed Characteristics

The Tibetan Terrier is a medium-sized, shaggy dog of sturdy build with a profuse double coat and a beautiful well-feathered tail that curls up and falls over the back. A fall of hair covers the eyes and face. Their large, flat, round feet are unique to Tibetan Terriers and produce a snowshoe effect suitable for traction on rough or snowy ground.

Tibetan Terriers are devoted to their families, very sensitive to the mood of all family members and blossom with early socialization and good every-day care. They should be considered part of the family and not be ignored or left alone for long periods of time or live exclusively in a kennel or outdoors. They don’t readily accept strangers, which is unfortunate, because their aloofness is sometimes interpreted as a lack of gentleness.

Tibetan Terriers make excellent watchdogs and will bark if anyone approaches, but do not keep up a constant yapping once they have sounded the alarm. Small enough to live comfortably in a city apartment and yet sturdy enough to withstand the rigours of outdoor life with lots of energy to run and play, the Tibetan Terrier’s size as well as its temperament make it well suited to its role as a companion dog.