While generally easy to care for, Tibetan Terriers do need regular grooming to keep coats in good and healthy condition. Tibetan Terriers are a “coated” breed and their coats will tangle and form heavy felted mats if neglected. Daily grooming sessions are not necessary, but weekly grooming is recommended.

The Tibetan Terrier’s double coat, with its undercoat of fine wool and topcoat, which often has the texture of human hair, must be regularly washed, and brushed on a weekly basis. More frequent grooming is necessary when a young Tibetan Terrier’s puppy coat changes to the more coarse adult coat. This happens when a puppy is about one year old and there is often an extraordinary amount of shedding. The dead hair falls out but is caught in the coat and, if not removed immediately, will quickly form into huge felted mats. During this time, check your puppy for mats every day and remove any you find straight away. Dogs with coats that are neglected during this crucial period, which can last anywhere from a few weeks to two months or more, will have to be clipped down and will take a long time to regain their beautiful shaggy look.

In addition to this “puppy blow,” some Tibetan Terriers cast off undercoat in the spring and fall, and might require some addtional grooming during this time.

It’s not hard to keep Tibetan Terriers looking their best, and no special skills with scissors and clippers are needed to keep them looking nice, shaggy and natural.

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