Tibetan Terriers in Performance Events

While it’s still relatively uncommon to see Tibetan Terriers competing in performance events, such as  agility, obedience and rally, this is because the breed is relatively rare and not because it doesn’t have what it takes to compete in these events successfully.

Tibetan Terriers are extremely intelligent and can be trained to do almost anything. They are, however, also very independent minded, although they make up for any occasional lapses in performance with their happy attitude and love of fun. Tibetans are generally fast and many are blessed with a perfect aptitude for performance competitions. Their heritage is the rocky crags and harsh terrain of ancient Tibet. Their large, flat ‘snowshoe’ feet perfectly grip the narrow dogwalk and their compact, well-muscled bodies and amazing balance help them dash through tunnels and teeter on the seesaw. Tibetans also have no fear of heights and adore being up high. Other TT qualities that help them excel at performance competition are their ability to think independently, their excellent peripheral vision, and their merry, exuberant nature. They love to have fun.