Welcome to the Tibet Gazette, the official newsletter of the Tibetan Terrier Club of Canada.

Available to club members online or in print, the newsletter is published quarterly in January, April, July and October, presenting Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall issues.

The newsletter is produced four times a year.

Instructions on how to access the current year’s online newsletters are included in the Tibet Gazette. If you experience problems accessing a newsletter online, please contact our webmaster.

Any other newsletter inquiries and suggestions for articles or other content should be sent to Wanda.

Reading the Tibet Gazette online
As the current year’s newsletters are for club members only, you’ll need the password to access them. Newsletters in the archives are available for anyone to read.

To read a newsletter online, simply choose the newsletter you require and left click.

To save a newsletter to disk, simply choose the newsletter you require, right click and save.

Current year’s newsletters
November 2022: Fall Issue
February 2022: Winter Issue

October 2018: Fall Issue
June 2018: Summer Issue
February 2018: Winter Issue

February 2017: Winter Issue
July 2017: Summer Issue
November 2017: Fall Issue

September 2016: Fall Issue
July 2015: Summer Issue

October 2014: Fall Issue
June 2014: Spring Issue
February 2014: Winter Issue

November 2013: Fall Issue
September 2013: Summer Issue
February 2013: Winter Issue

November 2012: Fall Issue
September 2012: Summer Issue
June 2012: Spring Issue
January 2012: Winter Issue

January 2011: Winter Issue
May 2011: Spring Issue
August 2011: Summer Issue
November 2011: Fall Issue

January 2010: Winter Issue
April 2010: Spring Issue
July 2010: Summer Issue

January 2009: Winter Issue
April 2009: Spring Issue
July 2009: Summer Issue
October 2009: Fall Issue