2012 Fall Photo Contest

Welcome to the Tibetan Terrier Club of Canada Fall Photo Contest
Fall is a beautiful time of year–and perfect for taking photos of gorgeous fall colours and adorable TTs. So, grab your camera and your TTs, and enter your best pictures into the TTCC Fall Photo Contest. The winning picture will appear on the cover of the November issue of the TTCC newsletter.

TTCC members can submit entries by emailing Penny White. A maximum of three entries per member, please, and no humans! The deadline for entries is November 2, 2012. The winner will be decided by an independent panel of judges and announced on November 5. Good luck!

The entries

Maddie & Sassy Member: Ron White
Maddie                                                                     Member: Ron White
Rousseau                                           Member: Nikki Sinclair
Sawyer                                                                      Member: Nikki Sinclair
Sawyer and Rousseau                 Member: Nikki Sinclair
Kashmir                                                                   Member: Glenn Connell
Kashmir                                                                  Member: Glenn Connell
Wizard                                                                       Member: Wanda Eden
Zorro                                                                          Member: Wanda Eden
Charity and Keiko                       Member: Marilyn Erhart
Charity and Keiko                                      Member: Marilyn Erhart
Charity                                               Member: Marilyn Erhart
Mojo                                                                           Member: Sue Byford
Mojo                                                 Member: Sue Byford
Maddie                                                       Member: Penny White
Maddie                                                                      Member: Penny White
Fiesta                                                                         Member: Penny White
Feather                                        Member: Lynda Zittier
Bits Member: Lynda Zittier
Feather                                                                   Member: Lynda Zitter
Mungo                                                                    Member: Majka Broulik
Maddie Member: Ron White
Louis Member: Karen Tromblee
Louis Member: Karen Tromblee
Louis Member: Karen Tromblee
Frankie Member: Jim Tromblee
Louis Member: Jim Tromblee
Louis Member: Jim Tromblee
Cristal Member: Daniele Richer-Greenwood
Cristal Member:Daniele Richer-Greenwood