The Tibetan Terrier Club of Canada is concerned about the welfare of all purebred Tibetan Terriers. Although we are a small club with few members spread out across Canada, we will do whatever we can to help find new homes for Tibetan Terriers who, for one reason or another, can no longer stay in their current homes.

Please contact our rescue team if you have or know of a Tibetan Terrier that needs to be re-homed or if would be interested in adopting a rescued Tibetan Terrier should one become available.

Ming is sadly looking for a new home after his owner, a registered Tibetan Terrier Club of Canada breeder, passed away suddenly. If you are interested in providing a permanent home for Ming, please contact Lianne Daradics.

Ming is a seven-year-old neutered male Tibetan Terrier. He went to obedience classes as a puppy and young dog, and earned his Canine Good Neighbour and PreNovice titles. Ming knows sit, down, stay and heel. He will come when called in a controlled environment, such as at training class, but has always struggled with coming when called outside, so a secure fenced yard is a must. Ming is crate- and house- trained although, as with any dog in a new environment, he should be watched closely at first to make sure he doesn’t mark and that he learns where the ‘potty’ area is in his new yard. He doesn’t need to be with other dogs and is fine on his own with his ‘people’. However, he gets along well with other dogs and could go to a home with female or other neutered male dogs. Ming is up to date on his vaccinations, but will need a teeth cleaning and possibly a couple extractions in the fairly near future.

Happy ending for Chee-Chee and Skylar
Huge thanks to everyone who moved mountains to help find a new forever home for Chee-Chee and Skylar especially Deborah McFarlane who’s tireless efforts made this rescue possible, and Jim Greenwood who drove for 21 hours out to Winnipeg and then turned around and drove home, complete with a rendezvous, organized by his wife, Daniele, to deliver the dogs to their new “Mom” in Sudbury!

Chee-Chee and Skylar are brother and sister, 10 year old Tibetan Terriers whose human-mom, one of the first breeders of TTs in Canada, recently passed away.

They are spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations and a vet has reported them to be healthy.

The ideal situation would be a home with women as they have not been well socialized OR a patient and understanding couple who is willing to let them come around at their own pace. There is not a mean bone in their little bodies – just some fear and shyness.

A fenced yard is very important as they are not leash trained.

If you are interested, in helping to foster these dogs, or, even better, to provide a permanent home for them, please contact our rescue team.